Both GP and self referral accepted, medical insurance companies often prefer GP referrals

For cardiac investigation and treatment with Manchester Cardiology Services, you have two flexible options when it comes to referrals as we accept both GP referrals, as well as self-referrals.

As a patient within the UK, you are entitled to ask your GP to refer you for specialist treatment. If your GP feels that it is clinically necessary for you to be referred, you can be referred as a private patient to Manchester Cardiology Services. If you have private medical insurance the cost of you care will then be covered under the terms of your policy.
If you are self funding then you will be responsible for initial consultation costs but at any stage after this you can opt to transfer your care to local NHS follow up with the same consultant.

Being referred by your GP is usually the preferred method, as your GP will be able to provide a full medical history to us, as well as advising us of any prior tests or existing medical conditions that your specialist may need to be aware of.

Although GP referrals are the preferred method, they are not essential to undergoing treatment at one of clinics. You can also opt to be seen via a self-referral, which you can either fund your treatment with private medical insurance, or paying for the treatment yourself, as outlined above.

To book an appointment to see one of our experienced cardiology consultants, please call us on 0161 643 1512, or use the online contact form here and one of the team will contact you to arrange an appointment and answer any initial questions you may have.


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